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What We Offer

Sacred Seeds Holistic Learning Centre
Sacred Seeds Holistic Learning Centre

Eco prints:

Giving curious minds the opportunity to explore and discover the natural environments around them by interacting with flowers, plants, insects, animals, weather and changing of seasons. Creating opportunities for learning, experimenting and expanding their knowledge of the natural world!

Sacred Seeds Holistic Learning Centre

Gross-Motor Guidance:

Strengthening big and small muscles through physical activities such as ball skills development through fun activities such as dance, yoga, and fun games.  These are functions that are performed daily to help with brain development, language development, socialising, emotional development as well as behavioural development.

Sacred Seeds Holistic Learning Centre

Arts and Crafts:

A creative space where children can come and express themselves freely though textures, colours, paint and drawing.

Sacred Seeds Holistic Learning Centre

Yoga and Mindfulness with Lauren:

Yoga is beneficial in support of helping children with:

  • Flexibility and balance
  • Breathing correctly
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Calms nerves and Balances Emotions
  • Increase in body awareness and mindfulness
  • Reduces stress and tension
  • Being present, in the moment
  • Teaches discipline and reduces impulsivity

Allowing your little the opportunity to pause, relax and focus their attention on themselves encouraging reflection and self-care!
We also offe adult yoga and mommy and me yoga. Contact the studio for more info.

Sacred Seeds Holistic Learning Centre

Yum Tums:

Improving our daily life skills that we first learn from home in a fun, responsible way! Learning about nutrition, good hygiene, refining fine motor skills through weaving, pinching and rolling. These activities encourage children to become responsible, self-empowered individuals.

The Importance of Free Play:

Play is the language of which children learn through! Children are able to Freely express themselves, be in the moment and where creativity and imagination unfolds. Free Play allows development is areas such as:

Problem- solving skills, social skills, emotional development, brain development and communication. This is where the magic happens. When a child can just be, and be free!