Sacred Seeds Holistic
Learning Centre

Creating free thinking, independent and confident individuals! Ready to make a positive impact on the world!

What we offer

Arts and crafts, Sensory exploration, science, yoga, dance, drama, music, yum tums, Gross-Motor guidence and practical life activities
Sacred Seeds Holistic Learning Centre

What's happening in the month of June.

Sacred Seeds parent/teacher meet and greet.

Every Friday from 1pm till 2pm
*Children to be present at the meet and greet please.

Make an appointment with the office:
066 457 2305

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Sacred Seeds Holistic Learning Centre

Who We Are!

We are an all-inclusive school that supports ALL children! We support children with behavioural, emotional and learning challenges.
Providing a loving atmosphere catering for all their individual needs.

Sacred Seeds Holistic Learning Centre

Guiding them on their journey with love, Compassion and understanding towards a place of exploration, self-discovering and healing.

Our Story
Sacred Seeds Holistic Learning Centre

Lauren / Our Vision

Lauren the owner and founder of Sacred Seeds Holistic Learning Centre is passionate and driven to create a Holistic, school environment where we focus on the 'whole' child.

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Extra Offers:

holistic play therapy sessions in the afternoons.

Which focuses on guiding the child through their challenges, trauma towards a place of understanding and healing. This is a natural healing process that takes place by guidance and support by me. 3-17 years
Monday till Friday (afternoon sessions)
Saturday sessions